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Welcome to the Big Pigeon Race

If you like racing your old birds long distances at a reasonable price with interstate competition consider The Big Pigeon Race.   

Long distance racing has slowly been disappearing but with your help we would like to change that. Our goal is to bring back old bird long distance racing at a reasonable cost and at the same time provide interstate competition.  

In 2010, our first year for The Big Pigeon Race, we focused on three states, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. We were not limited to the three states mentioned and did pickup flyers from Georgia, and Maryland as well. Because of the huge success of The Big Pigeon Race in 2010, we will have the same focus for the 2011 and the 2012 race.
This coming year 2012 we hope to go North along I-95 picking up birds as far as NJ. 

We have a 94 slot trailer that can handle 2000 birds and two smaller trailers that can transport another 1700 birds. Our plan is to have the two smaller trailers picking up birds starting at Benson NC. One will go north along I-95 to Colonial Heights Virginia, it will return to North Carolina taking I-85 to Hillsborough NC where the baskets will be transferred to the large trailer. The other trailer will also start from Raleigh, NC going east on I-40 turning south on I-95 to I-20 then going west to Columbia, SC. Returning north on 1-85 to Hillsborough, NC where we will transfer baskets to the large trailer.

The race date for 2012 Big Pigeon Race is: May 19,2012

If you have any questions about  pickup points or want to join us. Contact 
John Kinney at this e-Mail address   

Our race station is Effingham, IL..  All lofts must  be a minimum of 400 miles from the release station.  We will recognize state winners and distance winners.

What is important to understand about our race is that you do not pay by the bird, you rent basket space. 
The cost per basket is $70. 
Go here to view the basket and the movie

You will have a choice this year  you can release birds in the morning race that we hope to release at about sunrise or you can have your birds released in the second race that will be released at 12 noon or later.

Distances to cities from the race station

Effingham, IL. RACE STATION 39:06.690 N, and 88:34.283 W

City and Distance

Asheville, N.C.                      I-26 & US 19                 35:34.674        82:34.968        409.840
Atlanta, GA.                          I-20 & I-75                       33:44.720        84:23.497        437.074
Augusta, GA.              I-20 & Washington Rd.         33:30.724        82:02.581        530.521
Baltimore, MD.           MLK Blvd. & Centre St.        39:17.901        76:37.445        640.893
Birmingham, AL.          I-20 & 26th St.                       33:31.709        86:48.256        397.354
Charlotte, NC.             I-77 & I-277                              35:13.495        80:51.905        502.411
Columbia, S.C.            Assembly St. & Taylor St.    34:00.367        81:02.259        546.953
Dover, Del.                  State St. & Division St.          39:09.701        75:31.545         700.261
Fayetteville, N.C.        Green & Hay St.                     35:03.151        78:52.698         603.801
Greensboro, N.C.        Green St. & Alt. 29                36:04.412        79:47.488         525.093
Norfolk, VA.              City Hall & Tidewater               36:50.705        76:16.676        688.498
Philadelphia, PA.          24th St. & Chestnut             39:57.164        75:10.755        717.101
Raleigh, N.C.              Western Blvd. & Saunders   35:46.164        78:38.682        592.090
Richmond, VA.            Grayland & Meadows           37:32.796        77:28.039        612.472
Spartanburg, S.C.        Main & Church                      34:56.974        81:55.901        465.736
Washington, D.C.         Whitehouse                           38:53.859        77:02.189         620.609
Wilmington, Del.           Jackson & 4th                       39:44.641        75:33.608        696.874
Wilmington, N.C.        Front & Queen                        34:13.591        77:56.860        678.818

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