How long have you been racing.

I have been racing pigeons since 1978 when I joined the CCPC club in Columbia, South Carolina. I have also been a member of the SR Club in Columbia, the RRPC club in Rockingham North Carolina, and I also flew with the North Carolina Coastal Plaines Combine. I stopped racing for approximately 6 years due to a lack of local clubs in the area. I have now been back into pigeons for two years, and now flying with the KRPC club in Kershaw County, South Carolina.

What family of pigeons do you fly?

I fly several strains and Crosses. I purchased my birds from (Nick) Domino Breeding station, and Danny Gosnell of the Spartanburg pigeon club. The bird that won the BPR is a Devriendt from DBS.

Do you feed any special mix for the longer races?

No, I mix a 16% Lizzie Mae’s and 11% Lizzie Mae’s and feed this to all my birds.

What systems do you use to race your pigeons?

I currently fly the natural system .

I know you have won in the past. What do you think is your best win and why?

Looking back, there have been many memorable races in both club and combine level . Winning the BPR ranks at the top for me because of all the different states and flyers competing.

Do you believe in eye sign?

I believe if you train the birds, and fly the birds hard, that at the end of the season the birds that remain will have the proper eye sign. I have never used eye sign as a tool to grade my pigeons abilities, I let the race crate do it.

Do you sell pigeons?

I have not sold any birds but have given birds to new flyers in the area.

If you were to give a new flyer advice, what would you tell him/her?

My advice to any new flyers would be to obtain birds from someone that is competing and doing well in the races.

I would like to say thanks to all people involved with organizing the BPR and a special thanks to Danny, John and Kenny .