Frequently Asked Questions

•  If the weather forecast is for rain will there be a rain date?
Yes, this is why it's very important to sign up for the mailing list. In the event we need to update any race information you will be notified. If the weather is calling for rain the liberation committee can cancel the race and we will ship the following week.

•  What size are the baskets?
The baskets are two feet wide by three feet long and one foot high.

•  How much will it cost to rent a basket?
To rent a basket is $70.00

•  How many birds can a basket hold?
I would be foolish to tell anyone how many birds to place in a 2’ by 3’ basket because everyone has a different opinion on the subject.  The average is seventeen birds.

•  Can I share my basket to lower my cost?
Yes, two or three flyers can chip in as long as they understand that only one person is in charge of the basket and each shipper must provide an entry sheet to be attached to the basket..

•   Can I use my feed to feed my birds?
Yes, but then your birds will only have one tray for water. It may be wiser for you to allow us to water the birds at Hillsborough and place the feed in one tray when we arrive at the race station.

•   Are the feed trays separate from the water trays?
All trays can be used for feed or water, Each basket has two trays.

  Who is the Liberation Committee?
The liberation committee will consist of a rep from each state and the driver.

•   If I do not like the weather forecast for the race can my birds be held         back?
Yes, each flier can have the birds taken back to Hillsborough, NC  for release, which is why it is important to identify each basket.

•   What is the race date?
The scheduled race date is May 7 2011.

•   Can I purchase more then one basket?
Yes, there is no shipping limit.