Just a note to all of you that organized and put on the BPR.  We in the Mount Airy Racing Pigeon Club really enjoyed flying in your race.  Thank you for putting in the work...as I know you did.  Because of your efforts the race was a great success....and stands to get better every year.  I know I plan on preparing better for next years race.  We encourage you to keep on putting on the race and maybe even expanding to more races than just one.  Again, thanks for your efforts and we in the MAC already are looking forward to next years race.
Steve Norman.
Danny and John,

The Hampton Roads Club discussed your new concept on next years race having it 100 miles longer and liberated at noon.  We like the idea of a Barcelona type race.  We would be willing to give it a try even if it puts us over 700 miles.


Officers of GNCC,

It was well handled and although my bird did not come home until Wednesday (only sent 2) I will be back next year.  I speak for our club and concourse we all enjoyed it and we may even have more flyers for the next one.  Well done.

Only one suggestion: Maybe next time we could have a list of clubs flying attached to the results so we know where everyone is from without having to look up the band initials on the appropriate web-site (AU/IF) to see who is from where. (I know some of them but not all).

Also, I like the noon liberation concept it puts all distances on equal ground whether you are flying 400 or 600 miles as everyone will be 2nd day clocking (maybe).

Steve Jenkins

I would also like to thank Danny and the other organizers of the BPR for their efforts in providing the opportunity to compete in a race such as this and would encourage everyone to support it in the years to come.

Dale Rogers
Testimonials Page.

I'm glad the race went so well and hope your members have many successes in future years. Thanks for taking such good care of the birds. One of the best features is the ability of a flyer to opt out of release for any reason.